Saturday, July 21, 2012

Cost of the Wayne Manor and Batcave

Ever wanted a famous mansion estate with a subterranean superhero lair equipped with all the most modern crime-fighting amenities? Well hope you have over $100 Million then.

The Wayne Manor, home of Batman, which includes a large mansion, 150 acres of land and one Batcave, is priced at $105 million. How exactly did analysts come up with this number? Let’s go through a quick breakdown of the Wayne Manor.

The Wayne Manor includes 11 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 42,500 square feet of land, a pool, a gym, a library, a ballroom, a game-room, a gallery, a multi-car garage, and a laboratory. For the purposes of answering the all important real estate rule of ‘location, location, location,’ it is assumed that Gotham City is Chicago. All these factors price the Wayne Manor house itself to be $35 million. The other $70 million come from the large cave below the house.  

The Batcave, a high-tech crime-fighting station large enough to host super computers, tanks, and helicopters, is the ultimate tool for fighting crime. One cannot even hope to fight crime without having one.

In addition to all this, the estate comes with an amiable, yet preachy, elderly British butler. He is impeccably well-mannered and bears an uncanny resemblance to the British actor Michael Caine.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Drizzy Manor: Drake's New $9 Million House

The man sitting on 25 million, the rapper, the actor, the artist, the millionaire, Drake just bought a new house. A new, $9 Million house. The house is located in Hidden Hills, California. As one would expect it is overly lavish and has a rumored seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms.

Millionaire Drake is man of fine taste, and his house certainly reflects this. In the basement there is an extensive wine cellar, providing Drake endless supplies to drink to his accomplishments. There is also a home gym to work off those celebratory calories. And for relaxation there is both a library and a 12-seat home theater.

In addition to this the house has a full-size tennis court, a five-stall horse stable, and a pool. Waterfalls segment the pool off into a large artificial grotto. For 9 million dollars, Drake bought a pretty nice house. He is truly a millionaire with style. The house even has an ATM in it. Talk about making bank.

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Monday, July 16, 2012

3 Ways to Spend $1,000,000: Dragons, Warriors, and more

What can you do with a $1,000,000 besides buy a house, a new car, and a college education for your child? After this point the list begins to run dry for some prospective millionaires, but I am here to enliven your imagination a bit.  Here are three things you could spend a million dollars on:

Scarecrows are out of vogue. And who’s scared of them anymore? A giant dragon hedge, however . . . now that will scare away more than just crows. You won’t have to worry about sparrows, crusading knights, OR invading armies. No real millionaire fantasy is complete without one of these. In fact a garden without one looks empty and dull.

Hover Scooter $13,000
Who still walks? Certainly not a millionaire with any self-worth. Right now, everybody who’s anybody, all the fashionable millionaires, travel by hover scooter. Getting from point A to point B in a stylish way now only costs $13,000! Warning: You may look slightly goofy while riding it.

If your artisan dragon hedges don’t do the trick of scaring people away, then this ancient warrior sworn to protect its master will. This is the most loyal guardian a millionaire could ask for, it will even stay dedicated to your service beyond the grave. Also, it is a nice antique piece for any collection of ancient statues. 

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

How to Spend a Million: 3 Ways to Spend $1,000,000

The majority of us if given such a large sum of money would pay off debts, set aside college funds, and perhaps invest. But that’s dull stuff, so very dreary. So what does one do after that? Well in this post, I hope to provide you with some inspiring ways to spend money as millionaire, whether it be rocket-powered transportation, dancing under the sea, or saving lives.  

So you have a big bag of money? Well let's talk about how you will spend it . . . 

The modern millionaire’s dilemma: “How do I get from one yacht to another in a quick, efficient, and stylish manner”? The answer is very simple, and only $99,500. A jetpack! The Jetlev R200 is a hydro-powered jetpack and perfect for traversing small water-filled with spaces. No millionaire fantasy is complete without it.

Another dilemma of the modern millionaire is the inevitable boredom of disco rooms. Dancing is fun for a while, but then it grows dull. You need something to entertain you while you dance. Well how about a giant aquarium? I mean what’s the fun of being rich if you cannot dance under the swimming colors of an aquarium?

A third dilemma of the modern millionaire: “How can I help the common man”? Well perhaps the best way, is guiding forlorn sailors to the safety of shore. You can purchase a lighthouse and lead a solitary existence being a beacon of hope for those lost at sea (Warning: This is a serious job. Minimal sick days are allowed. One must also possess knowledge of how to change a light bulb).

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Musical Millionaires: Paul McCarnet's Car Guitar

If you were driving last week and cut some body off and instead of honking at you they played a g-chord, then chances are that was probably Paul McCartney in his new car. Or I mean new guitar. Or rather, both. 

Paul McCartney’s new guitar car is a sight to behold. The luxury carline Lexus sponsored McCartney’s last tour. In honor they released a car with a special wrap job featuring McCartney’s famous Hofner Bass guitar.

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Butlr is also offering a YellowSubmarine and a private concert by Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Who, What, When, Where, How of Buying a RollerCoaster

How do you spend $500,000 wisely these days? An flashy car is always nice, but everyone has one of those. A new house is always nice too, but you need a few million if you want a truly spectacular house. And vacations are nice, but they are far too short-lived. It seems millionaires are at a loss how to spend their money. 

But what about a rollercoaster? You don’t see many of those nowadays! Well if you are interesting in buying a rollercoaster, this will tell you everything you need to know. Rollercoasters range in price, but they usually cost around $500,000. You can find many rollercoasters online. In addition to the cost, you will need to pay for upkeep and repair (You will also need to pay a pimply kid to let people in and out of the ride and work the control panel).
But what type of Rollercoaster do you want? Are you the wild-vertical-drop-type? Or perhaps you’re more of the outrageous-twists which leave you upside down for the majority of the ride type. Or maybe you’re the crazy-twists-that-leave-you-running-for-the-nearest-trashcan type. Either way, there is a rollercoaster waiting for YOU to buy it.
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Monday, July 9, 2012

A Picture worth a 288,300 Words

The way people spend their money these days just befuddles my mind. Usually when one of your friends begins a sentence saying, “Yesterday I spent 288,300 dollars on a . . . “ it ends with something like a car. Or a house. Or a jetpack. But how often do you hear that sentence end with, “. . . A piece of comic book art”?

A few days a piece of original ‘Tintin’ art sold for $288,300. It was part of a larger auction that was entirely Tin-Tin themed. This auction amounted to a total of about $800,000. But this is nothing compared to the ‘Tintin’ comic book cover which sold for 1.6 million dollars individually a while back ago.  This was a hand drawn ‘Tintin in America’ cover.
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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Millionaire Nicolas Cage and his $150,000 Pet Octopus

Octopi are difficult pets to have. They need a spacious home, they are anti-social, and some can be poisonous. These difficulties did not stop big-spender millionaire Nicolas Cage, an actor with a knack for buying bizarre and quirky things, from buying his own octopus. Oddly, his justification for buying the pet octopus was not leisure or enjoyment. Rather he hoped to be able to become a better actor from studying other life-forms. 

The octopus cost $150,000, What a price for a pet! Anyways, this millionaire was fine with the purchase. He still has a net-worth of $30 Million left!

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Monday, July 2, 2012

11 Reasons To Hire A Butler

People do too much for themselves these days. Whether its retrieving a cooked hot pocket from a beeping microwave and missing who the killer was on CSI: Miami or having to *scoff* make your OWN breakfast in the morning, life without a butler is a shame! This is supposed to be the modern age, the age of COMFORT right
Well here are 11 Reasons to get a butler. 

1. So you can sit on our arse all day  and watch more television.
Think of all the great television moments you are missing while doing household chores! From the latest discovery on Storage Wars to the newest annoying commercial.

2. To make the neighbors look bad.
Be the envy of your block. The grass will indeed look greener on your side, but that's only because you will be paying someone to MAKE it green.

3. So your garden won’t die. I mean, its not like YOU were going to water it.
Remember that vegetable garden you always mused about last summer? Probably not, but your butler remembers! And he remembered to water and nurture it.

4. So people think you are more important than you actually are.
If you hire someone to do the things you don't to do, just imagine how important the things are that you DO want to do.

5. So you can get in a car and say, “Home, Jeeves”.

6. You have a greater chance of your life being turned into a sitcom.
Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, The Jetsons, etc. Life is simply more interesting with a butler.

7. To have someone shine your shoes for you.
You weren't going to shine them were you?

8. To have some trustworthy to keep your secret alter-ego as a midnight marauding vigilante hero.
Take a lesson from Batman here.

9. If you’re sick of your children you don’t have to take care of them.

Butlers are great at handling brats. Just think about all the bratty, surly, old men who have hired butlers as caretakers. Surely, they can handle your kids.

10.  Who else is going to mix you alcoholic drinks while you sit comfortably in a leather armchair and brood in front of the fireplace.

11. Because who doesn’t like British accents?

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