Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Life of a Millionaire: To be rich and spend millions.

The following is an anecdote from the life of Johnson P. Malone (Butlr King). He has been featured twice before (When he bought rare animals & When he was visited by dignitaries). This time he has a yearning for seafaring. . .

It is nice to be King. None have more wealth or reputation than The King. I want to describe to you the day I bought a yacht. The price was outrageous, but that is of little concern to The King.
            The whole purchase started as a conversation. We were sitting outside in the patio, two lords and myself, The King. One of them, Sir Hemmins, was a writer and brave man with hair on his chest on arms. He was drinking a brandy that Butlr Bot had prepared. Myself and the other lord were content chilled champagne and picked at small dishes of caviar and shrimp. We were laughing at a joke Butlr Bot had just told.
            The conversation turned to Yachts. I, did not have a yacht. Sir Hemmins was taken aback. In his mind any self-respecting man of wealth had to have a yacht. He knew boats well and began to educate me on sea vessels. His enthusiasm was contagious. The other lord said, “Well gentleman, I think this means we should go shop for a yacht!”
            We stepped out of the helicopter at the yacht shop and I waved to Butlr Bot, telling him to park around back and meet us inside. The yacht shop was a large dockyard with many sleek yachts. The salesman was talkative and knowledgeable. He told us great lists of details about every yacht—their various knot-speeds, aerodynamics, hull widths, Jacuzzis, etc. I barely heard him. I could see a large modern yacht. It was about 30 yards long and one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen in my life. I had to have it.
            I looked over and Sir Hemmins (the writer) was also staring at the beauty of a boat. “Show me that one” I said.
            The inside was luxurious and as Butlr Bot whispered to me, “Tis fit for a King my master.”
            We toured it for a while, admiring its decadence and design. What a boat. At the end of the tour Sir Hemmins and I stood by the salesman.
            “I’ll take it” we said simultaneously. Sir Hemmins insisted that he had taking a great fondness to the yacht and had to buy it. He offered twice the existing price. We had a bid war, but The King always wins a bid war. Needless to say I sailed home that day, happy and content. Life as The King is good. 
-Johnson P. Malone (Butlr King) 

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