Thursday, June 14, 2012

Millionaire Next Door: Mitt Romney as Your Neighbor

“My car is always boxed in!”
“Our ocean view will be gone! Oi vey!”
“But I hear he will increase the value of our houses by 10%!”

These are some of the complaints and comments of Mitt Romney’s neighbors in La Jolla, San Diego, where this his year’s presidential candidate owns a luxurious Spanish-style villa. Colorful neighbors is part of life, but what is grinding the gears of these neighbors?

In Butlr's Portrait of a Millionaire today we examine Mitt Romney, Republican party presidential candidate and beachfront property owner.

Romney bought the house four years ago for a hefty price of $12 million dollars. It has three bedrooms, a beautiful ocean view. It also has a history of the rich and famous living there.

Richard Gere, the dashing Hollywood stud from “Pretty Women” lived in the house. So did former mayor of San Diego Maureen O’Connor. But what suited the rich of yesterday is not good enough for the rich and famous of today.

Romney has plans to quadruple the size of the house. Some wealthy neighbors who paid for beautiful oceans complain that Romney’s plans would obstruct their view of the ocean. But what disgruntles some neighbors, makes others ecstatic. Many neighbors are happy to have a celebrity move in the neighborhood as real estate agents predict that the new millionaire on the block could increase the prices of surrounding real estate by as much as ten percent!

Whatever your feeling on the matter is, one thing is certain—it’s one spectacular house! See for yourself. And if you like it enough, purchaseyour own ocean view now! 

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