Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What can $125 Million Buy Today?

How do the rich live? How do they spend their money? Well today in Butlr we look at a millionaire fashion designer who didn’t just lead trends in fashion—he led trends in spending. And now the remains of his spending are-- well-- on sale in an auction!

Gianni Versace was man of fine taste, his finest taste being his hunger for opulent and lavish living. He is now deceased, but his legacy is not dead. His Lake Como villa located in South Beach, Miami is on the market for the price of $125 million. Its contents which included rare art of all kinds have already been auctioned away. 

The house has 10 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms. And what would a villa be without a 50 foot pool ornamented with 24-carat gold lining? And swimming is dreadfully dull without mosaics, frescoes, and statues adorning the pool to enjoy. I’ve always said if a pool doesn’t have a mosaic on the bottom then why swim at all? Exercise? Please, I worry about dollar signs and zeroes, not calories and carbs.

The Villa is so full of art that one might think the property belonged to a Roman emperor. Or that perhaps it was decorated after a Napoleonic-scale looting of the Louvre. But this is not the case. Gianni Versace was just rich and had wild imagination when it came to decoration.

The property is 19,000 square feet, underwent a $33 million renovation and expansion, and sits only several paces from Lake Como. Versace Gianni taught many how to be a true millionaire and in some ways defined the lifestyle of the rich and famous. His estate wasn't called the ‘iconic oasis for the rich-and-famous’, for nothing. His home is truly a one of a kind property.

So don’t pass up on this one of kind property! It is on sale in Butlr now, and you wouldn’t want to let any other lords or ladies beating you to the chase!

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