Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Smug College Student Thinks He Has 'Struck it Rich'

College student Brad Stilner is confident he has struck it rich with his new idea. “Yeah, it’s like a website. I can’t say much, it’s still like in the brainstorming phase” said the arrogant teen as he stuffed Doritos into his mouth while sitting on his La-Z-Boy sofa. The student provided no details on the implementation or design of his idea.
“Yup I got a pretty good idea. I’ll be the next Instagram,” smugly said the student while playing the latest Call of Duty. “It’s going to be huge,” he said as he simultaneously placed more Doritos into his mouth.
The young student’s mother was very proud when informed her son had ‘the next big idea’. “He’s always been like that, thinking up ideas! Once I told him to eat his vegetables because there were starving kids in Africa. And you know what he said,? He said ‘It’s not like we could get the vegetables there very easily’. What a smart boy he is, always thinking!”
Although the idea is still completely undeveloped and without any proof that it will work, investors have already started evaluating it. One venture capitalist firm has displayed significant interest in it. “We believe firmly in the success of Brad’s idea. The internet is huge these days and if he says he might do something involving it . . . well, we want in on it.”
When asked about the pressure for him to succeed with his idea Brad responded, “What? My Idea? What are you talking . . . oh yeah, that idea. Yeah, yeah. I’ll get on that soon.”
Friends of the smug and confident teen say they have definitely noticed a change of demeanor in their young, entrepreneuring friend. Reports came in that Brad now wears slightly nicer clothes, slicks his hair back, and is even more dismissive of people than before.
“I’ll have to get ready for my public offering, you know like look good and all. I’ve also kept some notes for when they make a movie about the founding of my company . . . Who do you think will play me? I hope not its not one of those Twilight actors . . .”
Friends and family are still waiting to hear the next big idea which the cocky student claims, “ Is gonna be huge” but as of now he is still waiting for his hot pocket to heat up and for the next round of Team Deathmatch to begin.

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