Monday, July 16, 2012

3 Ways to Spend $1,000,000: Dragons, Warriors, and more

What can you do with a $1,000,000 besides buy a house, a new car, and a college education for your child? After this point the list begins to run dry for some prospective millionaires, but I am here to enliven your imagination a bit.  Here are three things you could spend a million dollars on:

Scarecrows are out of vogue. And who’s scared of them anymore? A giant dragon hedge, however . . . now that will scare away more than just crows. You won’t have to worry about sparrows, crusading knights, OR invading armies. No real millionaire fantasy is complete without one of these. In fact a garden without one looks empty and dull.

Hover Scooter $13,000
Who still walks? Certainly not a millionaire with any self-worth. Right now, everybody who’s anybody, all the fashionable millionaires, travel by hover scooter. Getting from point A to point B in a stylish way now only costs $13,000! Warning: You may look slightly goofy while riding it.

If your artisan dragon hedges don’t do the trick of scaring people away, then this ancient warrior sworn to protect its master will. This is the most loyal guardian a millionaire could ask for, it will even stay dedicated to your service beyond the grave. Also, it is a nice antique piece for any collection of ancient statues. 

 Interested by these fantastic items? Obtain them now and find more like them at, the Internet's first Fantasy Millionaire Game. 

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