Saturday, July 21, 2012

Cost of the Wayne Manor and Batcave

Ever wanted a famous mansion estate with a subterranean superhero lair equipped with all the most modern crime-fighting amenities? Well hope you have over $100 Million then.

The Wayne Manor, home of Batman, which includes a large mansion, 150 acres of land and one Batcave, is priced at $105 million. How exactly did analysts come up with this number? Let’s go through a quick breakdown of the Wayne Manor.

The Wayne Manor includes 11 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 42,500 square feet of land, a pool, a gym, a library, a ballroom, a game-room, a gallery, a multi-car garage, and a laboratory. For the purposes of answering the all important real estate rule of ‘location, location, location,’ it is assumed that Gotham City is Chicago. All these factors price the Wayne Manor house itself to be $35 million. The other $70 million come from the large cave below the house.  

The Batcave, a high-tech crime-fighting station large enough to host super computers, tanks, and helicopters, is the ultimate tool for fighting crime. One cannot even hope to fight crime without having one.

In addition to all this, the estate comes with an amiable, yet preachy, elderly British butler. He is impeccably well-mannered and bears an uncanny resemblance to the British actor Michael Caine.

Butlr, The Fantasy Millionaire Game, is offering the WayneManor for a price of $35 Million. The Batcave is priced at only $70 Million extra. Buy them now!

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