Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Who, What, When, Where, How of Buying a RollerCoaster

How do you spend $500,000 wisely these days? An flashy car is always nice, but everyone has one of those. A new house is always nice too, but you need a few million if you want a truly spectacular house. And vacations are nice, but they are far too short-lived. It seems millionaires are at a loss how to spend their money. 

But what about a rollercoaster? You don’t see many of those nowadays! Well if you are interesting in buying a rollercoaster, this will tell you everything you need to know. Rollercoasters range in price, but they usually cost around $500,000. You can find many rollercoasters online. In addition to the cost, you will need to pay for upkeep and repair (You will also need to pay a pimply kid to let people in and out of the ride and work the control panel).
But what type of Rollercoaster do you want? Are you the wild-vertical-drop-type? Or perhaps you’re more of the outrageous-twists which leave you upside down for the majority of the ride type. Or maybe you’re the crazy-twists-that-leave-you-running-for-the-nearest-trashcan type. Either way, there is a rollercoaster waiting for YOU to buy it.
In honor of wild rides and millionaires with hungers for excitement and insanity, Butlr is offering several rollercoasters for sale!

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