Monday, July 9, 2012

A Picture worth a 288,300 Words

The way people spend their money these days just befuddles my mind. Usually when one of your friends begins a sentence saying, “Yesterday I spent 288,300 dollars on a . . . “ it ends with something like a car. Or a house. Or a jetpack. But how often do you hear that sentence end with, “. . . A piece of comic book art”?

A few days a piece of original ‘Tintin’ art sold for $288,300. It was part of a larger auction that was entirely Tin-Tin themed. This auction amounted to a total of about $800,000. But this is nothing compared to the ‘Tintin’ comic book cover which sold for 1.6 million dollars individually a while back ago.  This was a hand drawn ‘Tintin in America’ cover.
To celebrate the absurd valuation of comic books, Butlr is now offering that very same Tintin rare book cover. Buy one now! 

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