Thursday, July 12, 2012

How to Spend a Million: 3 Ways to Spend $1,000,000

The majority of us if given such a large sum of money would pay off debts, set aside college funds, and perhaps invest. But that’s dull stuff, so very dreary. So what does one do after that? Well in this post, I hope to provide you with some inspiring ways to spend money as millionaire, whether it be rocket-powered transportation, dancing under the sea, or saving lives.  

So you have a big bag of money? Well let's talk about how you will spend it . . . 

The modern millionaire’s dilemma: “How do I get from one yacht to another in a quick, efficient, and stylish manner”? The answer is very simple, and only $99,500. A jetpack! The Jetlev R200 is a hydro-powered jetpack and perfect for traversing small water-filled with spaces. No millionaire fantasy is complete without it.

Another dilemma of the modern millionaire is the inevitable boredom of disco rooms. Dancing is fun for a while, but then it grows dull. You need something to entertain you while you dance. Well how about a giant aquarium? I mean what’s the fun of being rich if you cannot dance under the swimming colors of an aquarium?

A third dilemma of the modern millionaire: “How can I help the common man”? Well perhaps the best way, is guiding forlorn sailors to the safety of shore. You can purchase a lighthouse and lead a solitary existence being a beacon of hope for those lost at sea (Warning: This is a serious job. Minimal sick days are allowed. One must also possess knowledge of how to change a light bulb).

Inspired by these fantastic items? Well obtain them and find more at and live out your own millionaire fantasy!  

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