Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Drizzy Manor: Drake's New $9 Million House

The man sitting on 25 million, the rapper, the actor, the artist, the millionaire, Drake just bought a new house. A new, $9 Million house. The house is located in Hidden Hills, California. As one would expect it is overly lavish and has a rumored seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms.

Millionaire Drake is man of fine taste, and his house certainly reflects this. In the basement there is an extensive wine cellar, providing Drake endless supplies to drink to his accomplishments. There is also a home gym to work off those celebratory calories. And for relaxation there is both a library and a 12-seat home theater.

In addition to this the house has a full-size tennis court, a five-stall horse stable, and a pool. Waterfalls segment the pool off into a large artificial grotto. For 9 million dollars, Drake bought a pretty nice house. He is truly a millionaire with style. The house even has an ATM in it. Talk about making bank.

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