Thursday, July 5, 2012

Millionaire Nicolas Cage and his $150,000 Pet Octopus

Octopi are difficult pets to have. They need a spacious home, they are anti-social, and some can be poisonous. These difficulties did not stop big-spender millionaire Nicolas Cage, an actor with a knack for buying bizarre and quirky things, from buying his own octopus. Oddly, his justification for buying the pet octopus was not leisure or enjoyment. Rather he hoped to be able to become a better actor from studying other life-forms. 

The octopus cost $150,000, What a price for a pet! Anyways, this millionaire was fine with the purchase. He still has a net-worth of $30 Million left!

In honor of this Butlr, the Fantasy Millionaire Game, is selling the octopus HERE. 

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